Source: original photograph in PGPT archive
This detail is taken from a family photograph () posed in front of the rustic summerhouse. It shows John Joseph Gray Page, Henry Trevor’s stepson and business partner, and one of his sons. The poster in the background advertises a Flower Service on 1st August 1886.
Date: 1890s
Source: Photograph in PGPT archive
The cathedral of St John the Baptist (R.C.) is an immediate neighbour of the Plantation garden. It was built between 1884 and 1910 on the site of the old city gaol. It was built for the 15th Duke of Norfolk and designed by G.G.Scott Jun. Henry Trevor must have been delighted when this prestigious building replaced the gaol, for he had a clear view of it from his garden (cf. PGPT015).

The nave was the first part of the building to be finished, in 1894, so this photograph must date after that. This view is of the East end, on the junction of Unthank Road and Earlham Road. The surrounding wall has yet to be built.

Date 1919/20
Source Photograph in PGPT archive
Another photograph (cf PGPT060) recording an occasion when George Green welcomed a group of visitors into the garden. Perhaps these were ministers attending a Baptist conference. George Green is wearing the mayoral chain of office.

The group is posing in front of the ‘Window’ built by Henry Trevor as a folly in the garden (Guide book 2009 p34). It was found in fragments during the restoration and restored in the 1990s. There are examples in other Victorian gardens of ecclesiastical fragments, taken from churches when they were ‘restored’ being used as rose arches in gardens. An angel sculpture on the right hand support may well have been produced in a funeral mason’s workshop.

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