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The Plantation Garden

for teachers

Drawings sent by the six and seven year old pupils of Recreation Road Infant School after their visit to the garden. The school has brought children for several years. They come in May, and of course find it delightful to have the opportunity to run around and climb up and down steps instead of carrying out the usual school work.

In return for all this novelty, however, they are ready to listen patiently to the story of the garden, which is, after all a part of their heritage. Their teachers have prepared them to hear more about Henry Trevor and his Victorian times, and they always like to hear about his funeral procession coming along the drive, especially as they sometimes have already visited Henry's grave in Earlham cemetery. Confidences can emerge, about Granny's funeral, or Uncle Arthur's greenhouse, while they are learning to love the beautiful local space.

A teacher who brought a group of refugee children, who were learning to improve their English so that they can enter mainstream schools, wrote movingly after a visit to the garden about how they discovered there what a fountain was, and how one child was proud of himself because he knew the word 'bridge' and led them all across it. Again they had a lovely day, and could enjoy their study and sketching of plants, shapes and textures.

Attleborough Junior School has used the garden in different ways on each of its two visits. When they came to Norwich as part of their religious studies, they were pleased to find that hearing about the strong Baptist associations of the garden chimed in with their religious theme of visits to the Synagogue and Catholic Cathedral (as well as being a popular place to have lunch). For their second year the emphasis changed; they were visiting the pantomime - very popular in Victorian times - and then the garden, where, after all, fêtes and shows were great Victorian pastimes too.

Particularly thorough preparation was the hallmark of the visit by St. Thomas More Juniors. They were working for the Victorian units in the National Curriculum, and their worksheets were designed to make them think about Henry Trevor's life, work and creation of the garden. They listened, sketched and asked questions, and clearly gained a lot from their visit.

An art teacher brought a group of teenagers to draw, and adult classes come for this purpose too. The garden is a great place where 'education' can merge seamlessly with 'entertainment'.
The garden is a great venue for a school visit.  History, art and wildlife.

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